Fun with Zazzle

So since Zazzle put the big ole "fuck you Austin" sticker on my last design, I decided to move onto selling designs that don't involve infringing on any copyrights. As far as I understand, zazzle itself searches for products on their site that potentially use copyrighted material, and then promptly throws their shoes into your metaphorical Dutch windmill. In their mind, this is preempt the actual copyright holder from potentially dropping the bomb on Zazzle. Realistically, this is too expensive for them to pursue - they'll likely hit them with a quick little cease and desist letter, explaining that if they do not pull the product from the store, then they are going to push ahead with the lawsuitbomb.

Zazzle is full of all sorts of unique products that you can customize - pillows, iphone cases, posters, plates, etc. For each item you sell, you receive a tiny little sliver of commission: I'm talking about the slice of apple you give to someone when they ask for your food. Like, 2-5% of the cost of the item. So I made about 1.80 cents on MaveriX. Uh. No.

But what IS cool about Zazzle is that you don't need any physical items in your store, essentially acting as a print on demand service. 

As it tuns out, you can make some really silly profane art on Zazzle.