I've been a gamer since my parents figured out that Super Mario Bros could keep my quiet and in one place for hours. Their investment in a NES, Mega Man 3, and Battletoads was a perfect babysitter. Actual paid human babysitters just brought their game collection to keep me pacified until eternity. 

I also consider myself one of those "artsy" types. I hit the peak of mental awareness between midnight and 2:00 AM. My brain runs at full speed in the morning while being caffeine free, even after just a few hours of sleep. Admittedly, I have a habit of straight up sleeping in the middle of the day for a solid 10 minutes, slumped over in a chair, chin-to-chest. I live outside the box. As a matter of fact, I'm so far away from the box, I can barely see it.

But I never considered myself much of a visual artist. At least not until September 29th, 2014, when I found a way to combine my gamer life with my creative ass, and sold my first piece on Zazzle: An abstract representation of the video game hero Mega Man X, made up from his first 8 villains in Capcom's 1993 release for the Super Nintendo which I called "MaveriX." 

Sadly, there are only two copies of this piece in the world. One in my house, the other is somewhere in Wisconsin. Congratulations dude, you scored yourself a two of a kind.

As it turns out, that shit is illegal. After making my first sale, Zazzle threw the ban hammer on this design with ALL the quickness. This blog is intended to be a look into my creative process and the thoughts that go into each pieces and my random inspirations (Until I inevitably forget to update it for years, then try to make a comeback post, then promptly forget about it again. Just being honest.)