Instagram does things

In learning about social media promotion, SEO, and all that "fun" stuff, the free available resources that I found online ALL advise setting up an Instagram account for your business. Ideally, the purpose is to promote your junk, get seen my rando strangers, and hopefully get them to throw dollars at you in return for you throwing art at them. And so, Mantis Arts on Instagram was spawned.  

Although it was initially thought of as a business tool, I got digitally lassoed into using Instagram as inspiration for my own art. Instaration, if you will. There are some brilliant and talented dudes and dudettes out there in the #InstaArt world. I've seen some really dope line art, graffiti, tattoos, watercolors - basically anything creative and badass has a home out there on IG.

My account fluctuates from super active to less so, to back to super active multiple times in a month, just like a goddamn Medusa head oscillating vertically in a clock tower, waiting for the moment to fuck all your shit up, despite being so simply predictable. Fuck your head, Medusa.

A whole bunch of coupons are available on my Instagram account. I ran contests where I'd show a close up of some abstract minimalist representation of a videogame character that I had made, asking the whole IG world to guess what the subject is. Generally, my followers are nerd enough to figure them all out, but the coupons tend to go unused. 

I did have a couple Dark Souls themed pieces shipped out to the UK, then got tagged in them when they went up on their walls.