Chicago Rising: A New Years tribute to the Chicago Flag

First off, to all the old and out-of-touch white males who secretly rule Chicago: No one here calls it "Chi-Town." It's what Kanye West says, but he's exempt because he's Yeezus. It's what tourists say, and it's acceptable because when I go to their cities, I use whatever Top 40 tells me to say. It's what your slightly racist uncle says, and it's ok because he's trying too hard to be "hip." It's just Chicago - not Chi-Town, definitely NOT Chiraq. Chiberia is acceptable, but only when it's 10 below or colder, otherwise you're a weakling.

To celebrate the coming of another year of overpriced traffic light tickets, Chi-Town Rising is about to be the newest, equally overpriced new year celebration. For the sake of being contrarian to the norm set by the falling of the New York ball-thing, a giant Chicago star will rise up from the ground by the Hyatt downtown. By giant, I'm talking FUCKIN GIANT. Look at this for comparison: 

The Times Square Ball is a measly 12 feet in diameter. Not only does Chicago have a bigger new years celebration icon than New York, but we also have more murders!

One of my favorite flag prints available in my store is this gritty minimalist re-interpretation of the Chicago flag. This was actually my first design that got me on the flag ship (get it? flag ship?) but every other flag design uses color swaps of the brush strokes seen here. And yes, I have this hanging on my wall - you know what they say about skinny chefs.

Each 6-pointed star represents a major event in Chicago's history, starting from Fort Dearborn, the Great Fire, the Columbian Exposition, and finally the Century of Progress Exposition. 

I'm often pessimistic about these large types of events, ever since Chipotle fest got cancelled over the summer. If this event happens again next year, I'm gonna offer a huge discount on the flag print!