Low-Poly, High-Cool

Growing up a gamer who has seen every range of graphical presentation short of hyper-realistic 360 degree holography, I am most impressed by the way 2 dimensional geometric shapes can be combined to create an image. The Famicom / Nintendo, despite being THE cultural landmark piece of technology that brought home console gaming back into the world in the mid 1980s, did not contain powerful processors. Graphics teams in the mid 1980s were absolutely incredible. With tremendous foresight, they crafted the overall-wearing plumber Mario, and brought him to life with just 192 squares of only 3 different colors.

The iconic hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is made up of blocks. That's it. Just squares. Somehow, his movements portray a sense of urgency, heroism, and slightly comedic athleticism. Every enemy, every power-up, every single piece of Mario's 8-bit world was given personality with these blocks. Our imaginative minds fill in the details and gives personality to these assemblages of squares. From the exasperated Toad throwing his arms up in confusion about why the princess is never in his castle to the perennially angry Bullet Bills, determined to let nothing stop them from flying forward to fuck up your day - these pixel artists at Nintendo were able to do a lot with so little.

I want my work to be as memorable as the work these artists concocted 30 years ago. They created something that was a product of the technological limitations of the time, and is so iconic as belonging to a specific decade. Think of looking at Gothic architecture, with it's unique, highly elaborate flying buttresses and pointed arches of cathedrals and places of Catholic worship. Every element resides in the mindset of the late Medieval time period. I want minimalist low-poly abstract shapes to be reminiscent of OUR time. A time period rushed forward by exponentially advancing technology, while simultaneously exploring the ability of video games to fill a unique interactive form of artistic expression.