American McGee's Alice: Underrated and underplayed

American McGee. Anyone named "American" is destined to be a creative eccentric.

Most known for his role in directing Alice while working at EA, American had worked on a handful of games before finding critical acclaim with his gothic remix of the drug inspired fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland. A level designer for Doom and Quake II, a co-producer of Hexen - FPS level design runs in his blood, and the creative platforming found throughout Alice's psychotic episodes demonstrates how far his mind operates outside of any box.

Like the freaky ole Cheshire Cat from American McGee’s twisting of Lewis Carroll's classic, this piece is going to disappear from my store on Friday, December 11th. FOREVER. (unless you ask for special order by request.)

To celebrate the life and times of this piece, the price for the 17x11 print has been dropped by $5.