Commissioned work: "3 Ninjas" Naruto-inspired pieces for your enjoyment

Many of the forums I browse regularly talk about the "Christmas slump," an honestly surprising phenomenon where online sales right around Hanukkah seem to dip, despite this being the time when commercialism is at a peak. I expected that orders right around the beginning of December in preparation for the Kwanzaa season of giving would be my all time high. As it turns out, I did make 16 total Festivus-month sales, but this may have been just related to an increase in overall sales.

Keeping Etsy low-key

Unlike the other artists I hear about in interviews, I don't promote my store widely across my personal social network or directly to my family members. Instead, my art has been showcased publicly on a separate account, be it Instagram or Facebook. Spamming out requests to my friends to "BUY MY THINGS PLZ" just feels dirty. Getting personal sales means that my friends support me, which is nice to have that reassurance, but it doesn't mean that people at large like my art enough to pay for it. My closest circle of people are the most supportive people I know - but what I really want is for people to buy things because they think it's cool. Financially dumb, but emotionally more satisfying.

Around Thanksgiving, my friend asked if I could make some art as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend, catching me off guard. Having not really spent much time or energy promoting or even talking about my art, the request was especially unexpected. I hadn't been asked for a custom commissions before this, even though I had the pricing scheme set in place. Of course, I hooked it up for a really solid discount. 

Here are the three pieces that I made for the gift. As it turns out, I love drawing lightning but HATE drawing fire.

jiraiya art

Interested in commissioning me for some work, preferably lightning related work? Use this form to get in touch with me through Etsy, throw out the coupon code  "WINNER" during checkout for a 20% discount on any commissioned work between now and 3/1/2016!