On the language of foxes

The stuff that entertains the internet is REAL weird. Remember Ylvis, the comedy duo out of Norway? Of course you do. Go ahead, hit play on this music video, and let this bizarrely timeless track play in the background as you continue browsing this page. You'll thank me for it later.

I mean, it's a pretty valid question. Language barriers aside, both Norwegian and American children alike are never taught what sound the fox makes. As culturally tuned ears perceive non-words in different ways, you'd expect that the onomatopoeia that humans prescribe to animals differs dramatically. And they do, largely - with the exception of cats, which most societies perceive the same "meow" sound that Americans do. 

As of the time of writing, the original song has close to 600 million views, but videos where the ACTUAL sound of a fox has a few million hits, and I would confidently argue that 98% of these hits are in response to Ylvis' thought provoking question.

Foxes are majestic animals, and appear all over Japanese Youkai mythology in the form of the Kitsune, a trickster shapeshifter with supernatural powers. I made a low-poly rendering of a red fox in the snow - buy your copy in the store!