Washington D.C. Flag Art

Does anyone else think Washington D.C.'s city organization was done by the same guys who makes crop circles?

I wonder what percentage of people who are in DC at any given time actually live in DC or the nearby Virginia / Maryland area. It's so densely concentrated with a panorama of tourist destinations, you can knock out all the SnapChat selfies you need to prove that you were there in just an afternoon, and still have enough time to shop for bootleg Rolexes. From my experience, the really neat and nerdy stuff is found buried in the Smithsonian, with the best night life up and down H-street - yes, the H stands for "hipster." The craft beer scene out there is really making moves, and these bars down here tend to have an array of taps from which to drink.

Since I started making my series of minimalist flag art designs done in paint brush stroke style, I started thinking about this random book I found at the public library when I was younger, a book describing basic medieval vexillology, the study of flags. The language of vexillology is so unique to the study that regardless of your knowledge of languages, terms like "Canton" or "Fesses" do nothing to describe a flag. Most confusingly, what your average person sees a star on a flag, a vexillologist would call it a "Mullet." Washington DC's two bars Gules on an Argent field with three Mullets has been voted as the number 1 best designed flag among US cities, according to none other than the North American Vexillological Association.

You can find my digital brush stroke reinterpretation of our Capitol's city flag by clicking the image below.