Final Fantasy VIII x Dark Souls crossover

How would Squall Leonhart, the hero and protagonist of Square's 1999 JRPG Final Fantasy 8, survive in the world of Lordran?

Weaponry: The Gunblade essentially combines the left and right hand weapon from Bloodborne into one slot, freeing up the left hand for carrying a shield. Adding bonus damage per attack on a properly timed trigger pull is big. Advantage Squall.

Cooperativity: Too stoic and withdrawn to be a useful ally in combat. Don't expect to see any Squall summon signs. 

Sorcery: Could only draw from the sorcery/miracle/pyromancy from nearby enemies to stockpile casts for later. Unfortunately, magic users are few and far between, and the most useful ones are friendly NPCs. 

Stamina: Pretty high, as his limit break allows multiple strikes in rapid succession. BUT - it takes too long to charge to be useful in any Dark Souls combat.

Dancing: Best dancer in any Souls game. Good on you, Squall.

Triple Triad: Pretty useless in Lordran. Good for kindling bonfires.

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