"Centipede" /r/sketchdaily 1.29.17

According to the legend taught to us in elementary school, the apple that fell on Isaac Newton's head inspired him to think about the mysterious force that pulled the apple unceasingly towards the earth (technically, also pulling the earth towards the apple.) As he sat under the tree, undoubtedly thinking about boring derivatives and curves and slopes, an immensely powerful gravitational force ripped a loosely held apple from the branch at some force about to be named after him,

Fast forward several years later to me, when my life was turned into a 6 word horror story.

"A centipede fell in my hair."

The downside of having stupid spiky hair is having crawly insects fall and get stuck.

So here's a cute centipede bringing flowers to anyone who has ever inadvertently trapped a centipede in their nest-like hair.