"Chibi Domhnall" quick sketch in pen

Dark Souls has it's share of underrated NPCs. Here is my quick tribute to Domhnall, the eccentric merchant from Zena.

Let's talk about wonderful character design: Everything about Domhnall, from his language to his outfit, shows exactly what he is. His use of "siwmae," a greeting that is never heard throughout the entirety of either Lordran or America, hints to his character as being foreign (As it turns out, "siwmae" is an informal Welsh greeting.) 

And look at his goofy helmet. There are surprisingly few horned creatures in this fantasy world, giving the impression that either Domhnall is well traveled or has very adventurous business partners. The collection of small trinkets that adorns his body armor brings flashbacks of the Boy Scouts days, as kids acquired "meaningful" badges over the years. Whether or not these knickknacks add to his armor's ability to repel swords is unclear.

I didn't intend to give him that chibi big-head look. Truth is, the proportions I initially drew him were so bizarrely misshapen, that I just rolled with it. 

I started drawing the helmet, initially with a three-quarter view. I didn't quite deliver on the directionality, that's why it looks like his head is turned slightly to the left of the frame of his body. In case it's not obvious, I hate drawing hands. My next serious sketch is going to be a series of hand studies.