"Crossbreed Priscilla" done in minimalist line art

I've been participating in the Sketch Daily subreddit lately to try and get me to draw things outside of my comfort zone. Each day, a new topic is chosen, and everyone contributes their rendition of the word or phrase. The skill level is as varied as is the medium of choice. A little numbered indicator next to your name tells you how many days you have participated. Note to the world: it only takes this tiny amount of gamification for me to be 100% on board with anything. Today is my 12th day participating.

The word is "scythes." Naturally, the modern Western personification of death, the mysterious cloaked figure immediately comes to mind. The second thought is of course Scyther, the bug / flying type Pokemon, who happens to be my main in Pokemon Puzzle League.

Opting for neither, I went back to one of my favorite videogames of all time, Dark Souls. Notoriously difficult, this novel RPG-ish action PS3 game puts you against some really neat enemies, including Crossbreed Priscilla, a half-human half-dragon who can turn invisible. And like everything else in Dark Souls, it only takes getting hit by her massive scythe two or three times before that oh-so familiar "YOU DIED" flashes upon your screen.

Ever since I started playing around with the minimalist line art style, I've been a big fan of how simple lines can portray complex thoughts. Even without knowing who this is, you can tell they wear oversized clothes to match their oversized scythe. Only when you connect that dot with Dark Souls do you discover that I also drew in her tail.