"Flying Dogefish" Watercolor pencil experiment 1

Evolution is weird. Nature has created an underwater monster that forms boiling bubbles underwater that literally boils prey alive. Carnivorous rainforest plants shaped like pitchers hold acidic digestive juices that trap and subsequently dissolve bugs to get nutrients. What's to say that the random process called evolution won't create a giant fish with a Shiba Inu head that can fly?

For the bulk of 2016, I focused on expanding outside of my digital art comfort zone into the difficult and scary world of traditional art, starting with ink pen. Although I gained a few skills, I naturally have much more to learn. But I also found a stash of some of my older art supplies, and that prompted me to experiment with watercolor pencils.

I cut a whole bunch of 4.5 x 4.5 inch pieces of thick 110 lb cardstock to play around with. I found it better to draw with the pencils before inking and to use as little water as possible. Although the paper is pretty thick, it deforms wickedly when it's too saturated.