Impossible Coin commission: Festival Hardbody is here!

Festival Hardbody TShirt mockup.jpg

I recently pulled a commission from some friendos over at the video game podcast "Impossible Coin." They needed a T-shirt. I got them a T-shirt.

"Crappy looking Guy Fieri drawn in the style of Persona 5." Mash that up with my sense of minimalism, and you get the first item in the line of Impossible Coin merchandise.

I made a few observations about the art style of Persona 5. Masayoshi Suto and Shigenori Soejima, the lead artists behind the aesthetic of P5, slightly distorted the anatomy, much in the style of anime and manga. Everyone is a little taller and a little skinnier than expected.

One of the flashiest things I noticed about the styling of the game is their use of the ransom note style lettering. Initially, I started with black and white, but for the final design, I chose to use the colors from Impossible Coin's logo. Because B&W gives the maximum in contrast possible, you can afford to use lighter line weights, and the image will still stand out. By switching to the gold on maroon, I was forced to increase the line weights a bit to make the image stand out over the background.

This is me getting over my fear / hatred of drawing people. Every opportunity to practice!