Jonathan (jonajooey)

I'm getting to that age when engagement, wedding, and baby photos heavily outnumber the nightclub invitations and videos of my friends pounding shots of tequila. And at some point in my future, I guess I'm supposed to have a mini-me running around, promoting his own crappy art to the world. But from where I am right now, the "Miracle of Life" looks an awful lot like a wriggling mass of flesh that somehow escaped from the heavily-guarded basement floors of Area 51.

Honestly, I've always been afraid of holding babies. As soon as the mother / father hands me their offspring, I just know that the little one is going to somehow slide out of all his once-secured tiny clothes, spill all over the floor, and break everything simultaneously in a remarkable display of my imbecility. Even worse, they may start crying.

Illustrator Jonathan (jonajooey) has been documenting his life as a new father in single panel black and white comic strips. With his media, he is showing much of the day to day duties as a father, using his blend of wit, observational humor, and a tinge of sarcasm.

On his website, he publishes various anecdotes about his life accompanied by his illustrations, with the plan that one day, his son can have something to look back on and read to learn more about his parents. Take a look at his digital time capsule here. Of course, follow him on instagram to keep up to date on his most recent illustrations and various comic strips. Check out his charming and honest take on being a father.

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