Commissioned work: "MF" Duo lane bot pls

I, along with some other 100 million gamers, regularly engage in masochism and voluntarily surround myself with people who only speak in insults and inflammatory language: I play League of Legends.

Just like any other sport, League players play 1 of 5 different positions. I'm a bot lane main - I either play ADC or support, either the ranged damage dealer or the utility-healer respectively.

My first main was Caitlyn, the long range trap "sniper" type adc. Of all games outside of Cookie Clicker, playing an adc requires SO. MUCH. CLICKING. 

Eventually I started destroying both my mouse and my wrist, so I switched to a support main. As a utility provider / team healer who requires fewerer micro skills, I found that, believe it or not, I could actually enjoy playing League - once I mute enemy chat and all my teammates.

The only people exempt from this global chat ban are the regular squad of people I play with on a near-nightly basis. For the most part, they are people I know IRL. In some cases, they are people who I have known several years back and have subsequently lost touch with. But League has been a perfect vehicle to reconnect with them. My most frequent duo lane bot partner is one example.

I made this piece for her favorite ADC, Miss Fortune. Enjoy!