"No." sleep sketching

This sketch isn't representative of anything particularly authentic, unique, high quality, or any of those positive adjectives that are prescribed to "good art." But to me, it's funny.

I've gotten in the habit of spending some time adding to my sketchbook each night before going to bed. Being a creature of the computer age, I spend my entire day staring directly into harsh computer light. Between work, blogging, making digital art, and playing League of Legends, these eyes are almost permanently focused on rows and rows of brightly colored flickering pixels. 

Blue light has this nasty habit of disrupting your normal daily cycle of melatonin, a neurohormone that regulates feelings of sleepiness. According to many medical professionals, cutting exposure to computer screens an hour before bed can help you get more restful sleep, something a chronically sleep deprived individual like myself could benefit from.

In my attempt to wean myself from the screen, I started drawing before bed. Sometimes, I get too sleepy to actually make anything, and that's when random scribbles get subconsciously applied to the paper. In this case, a little cleaning and redrawing turned all that junk into a symmetrical flourish design with a big empty space in the middle.

The next morning, I filled that space with how I felt about the design.