Rebecca Louise Law

I am constantly actively searching to find inspiration in new, unexpected places. To prove it, I'll show you how my first greeting card design was inspired entirely by something I heard on a random podcast. It's dope how sometimes stuff just works out.

 "The Hated Flower." A 2014 installation exhibit in London. 

"The Hated Flower." A 2014 installation exhibit in London. 

Podcasts first showed up on my radar because of the hype surrounding Serial, the multi-part exploration of the mysterious case of a man (wrongly?) convicted of killing his girlfriend. Between that, Stuff You Should Know, Retronauts, and H.P. Podcraft, somehow I stumbled over "Art for your Ear", a highly recommended podcast by the Jealous Curator herself, Danielle Krysa. 

As is the standard protocol for myself when I discover something new, I start from the most recent and work backwards through the episodes. As I got to the 62nd entry in her archive of podcasting sessions, I found her interview with London based artist Rebecca Louise Law

If you can't carve out the time to listen to this great podcast ep, the tl;dr of it is: girl loves flowers. She describes a moment in her life when she stood breathless in a field of thousands of daisies and thought to herself: "Can I bring this moment to others?"

Then at some point in art school, she stopped using paints, and started using flowers. 

I got to thinking that flowers are a thing that people like. So how about I also do a thing with flowers? That's how my first greeting card was born. 

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