"Red Dragon" Acrylic experiment. Canvas is scary.

As it turns out, I really enjoy experimenting with new media. In 2016 I added ink pens and watercolor pencils to my list of tools. To kick off 2017 I picked up some blank canvases to test my skill with acrylic. 

It's funny because I've had the actual acrylic paints for a few years. I grabbed them on a whim when I was trying to create a new colorway by scrubbing the paint off of an old pair of Nike Dunks. Of course, that particular experiment ended when the acetone I used ended up eating through my shoes.

And so my collection of a good 20 some tubes of acrylic paints in a variety of artist friendly colors (including Mr. Bob Ross' favorite color, Titanium Whhhite) sat neglected in the back of my closet, tucked neatly behind underneath a wire frame dresser.

2017 is the year that the contents of these tubes gets spilled onto canvas.

The first two canvases were used for a cute date night - with a couple rules: My girlfriend and I would paint using two randomly selected tubes of paint as the primary colors of the piece. A third tube was pulled to act as a secondary color. White and black, which served as lightening or darkening agents, naturally, would be communal and shared. We could draw whatever we felt like, but we were stuck using only those colors on our palette.

The next limitation was to use only three paintbrushes of various sizes that I bought last summer at a garage sale for literally nothing. After watching so many episodes of Bob Ross' Beauty is Everywhere, we both felt the need to use his favorite painting tools, the 2 inch brush and fan brush.

Immediately I discovered my favorite part about acrylic paints that is completely absent in digital or watercolor pencils: Mixing colors produces a dopamine-releasing boost of satisfaction equivalent in potency to a small bump of Bolivian raw. The pleasure derived from blending Titanium White with Cadmium Yellow gives you a high that is unmatched within the boundaries of the law.

Is there anything in art more fun than blending paints? Please. I'm fiending.