Commissioned work: "The Trombonist" New Orleans has a lot to offer.

A few years back, I made my way south down to New Orleans for a conference. Despite the wishes of other Millennials around me, I don't make travel a high priority. Airports are terrible inefficient, travelers are always rushed and inappropriately rude, and I can think of so many fulfilling, community-building related uses of the cost of a plane ticket. But whenever a chance to travel for free pops up on my radar, I'll stand in line, allow TSA employees to grab my junk, and get on that plane with Olympic-level reflexes.

At the risk of using overly-cliched language, New Orleans is truly unlike any other city. Architecturally, the blend of French and Southern influences creates a city front that can only be described as "well, you kinda gotta see it for yourself." 

But forget about the classical building design. The city is best known for the ridiculous debauchery and general level of chaos of Mardi Gras. Despite me visiting in November, Bourbon Street still provided the experiences that were promised by everyone who had visited before me: Strippers, shots being poured into your mouth straight from the bottle, and the smell of fresh vomit at 8 AM as the last of the tourists finally starts to stumble back to their lodging.

As for me, I had my first taste of absinthe on Bourbon street, some INSANE donut thing nearby, and other occurrences that only other people tell me happened - but I don't personally remember. But I expect that the touristy side of N'awlins is nothing like what the actual people care about.

It's probably Jazz music. Just being honest here: I don't get jazz. The movement of the music just seems too random for me to appreciate. Like the random diffusion of air molecules, put onto sheet music: similar to a snapshot of a Brownian motion particle tracking experiment. But I haven't given it a fair shot.

Easy jazz I can get down with though. It's real simple to follow, moves predictable as most music does, and is quite demure to my ears. But it's that "cool" experimental Jazz that's beyond my comprehension. I'm gonna try and ease myself into that musical genre, but I'm gonna need some recommendations. Please drop some links in the comment box below.

Regardless, this piece was a commission as a gift for a younger brother, who recently graduated high school and is starting to study jazz trombone in a music program SO prestigious, that most students get hired during their studies, and never actually finish their program. Isn't that the dream?

Congratulations! I hope this abstract shape / low polygon piece adorns a nice piece of real estate on your college dorm wall.

The trombonist New Orleans Jazz