Think twice, purchase once.

I hate the phrase "Measure twice, cut once." It really doesn't offer any useful advice about either measuring or cutting. It's just a terrible play on reusing the adverbial genitive tense twice in close proximity while adding no new knowledge for the listener. Stop using it, save yourself the extra syllables, and just go with "Don't screw up."

All this is to say: I screwed up. 

This slightly used rotary paper trimmer from Amazon is a beautiful piece of hardware, shining in all the right places, and slicing neatly right where it needs to. 

Compared to the standard model guillotine paper trimmer, the rotary trimmer uses a small circular blade attached to a wheel. The piece of paper gets locked into place by a latching mechanism underneath the neon green guide, and the blade depresses the paper into a pliable cutting surface, creating clean cuts without the occasional diagonal cuts made on poorly-stabilized paper in a guillotine slicer. 

I'm basically going to use it to start cutting my own greeting cards out of ledger sized 17 x 11 cardstock, but I'll be damned if I didn't think of getting a paper cutter large enough to cut something 17 inches long. This 12 inch beauty had to go back.

Sadly, now I'm 11 bucks down for not "measuring twice."