Austin Lim, PhD
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neu301 depaul


This course is designed to provide students an understanding of how questions are answered in neuroscience by exploring experimental designs used in neuroscience research and individual techniques used by neuroscientists. In addition to reading about these methods, students will have hands on opportunities to conduct some of the methods discussed. Lastly, students will formulate their own research question and develop a proposal to answer their question.



Nervous system and endocrine functions as related to behavior. This course includes a research component where the student will research a topic of their choosing and present their findings in a written report, an oral presentation, and a general interest online article.

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Examines basic concepts in neurobiology. Specifically how the brain is organized, how it sends messages throughout the body, and how these messages turn into daily activities such as seeing, eating, and walking. How these behaviors are altered due to disease or injury of the brain is also discussed. Cannot receive credit for both BIO 126 and BIO 162. Formerly BIO 206. No credit for Biology majors or minors or Neuroscience majors.